TOWERLAND MAGIC May 2013 Writing Retreat Report 



Down to the River, An Anthology inspired by the Jakkalsrivier, Eden.



 Towerland and the impulse to dance by Karen Suskin



Entering the land of the tower “with its tip in the heavens” and its foot deeply planted in the deep, dark earth, I seem to float somewhere in-between, between the land’s mass and the airy heights, between my inner nature and the outer nature, the here and there, the far and near, between light and dark, day and night. This in- continuous- creation-landscape beckons me to grasp the inner principle, the intention behind, and to bridge polarities by engaging with the process in-between.

 Red-green colour-blind? By Alice Ashwell 



The dissonance of red and green

in uncommon roles
Raises a question
Demands reflection
Reveals wisdom
Invites new practices
That celebrate
Our complementarity.


at Otter Pools by Richard Jordi

They call it the Jakkals

Rivier, a deep fluid crease
in the lap of Towerland,
whose magic has long been
celebrated in San rock

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