at Otter Pools by Richard Jordi

They call it the Jakkals

Rivier, a deep fluid crease
in the lap of Towerland,
whose magic has long been
celebrated in San rock


Drawing sustenance from myriad
mountain streams, the Jakkals
pours its magnificence into the
cupped hands of the Otter Pools -
a twenty minute walk from
Machachi’s place.

Water-rimpled rocks, as if
plunging upwards, hold and
shape the river’s gentle meander.


poem2Well, not so gentle. Nature’s

fluid scourer furrows a deep
kloof to uncover earth’s
etched white palms, now
stained with grey and orange
lichen. Vertical scars,
softened by seams of black
moss, are delicately dressed in bladderworts.

poem3Water slides down the rock
face in a slippery brown
film. Rippled by rock
creases, the water brings
stone-shape to life. A
sensuous coupling of two
elements - natures apart,
sharing a shape.   

poem4Blossoms of bubbles giggle
at protrusions. Where
water’s soft plunge finds the
pool below, it curls into a
gurgling vortex and ripples
out a new pond shape.


In its seaward spiral this
meandrous rivering carves
out companion river banks
The broad sunlit outer bend
embraces a fern-shaded
inner curve, and a steep wall
of river sand gapes across the
water at a flat bank of

Reverently held by
Otter Pools, the Jakkals
Rivier is tirelessly

poem6At another end of timelessness,
the water’s swirl, curl, fold and
flow pattern an ancient
archetype for all life forms.   

And me, passing by?   
My moment is graciously
held by breezing plants,
birdsong and teasing clouds
in this lap of bubbling water
and softly etched rocks.   
poem7Being human, I am nothing
more or less than nature
able to know itself.

Richard Jordi
January 2010



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