Accommodation at Towerland Wilderness

 The Towerland ‘Village’ is situated at the top of a hill, amongst pristine fynbos, giving a beautiful perspective of the surrounding area. The 16 accommodation units are all pentagonal in shape, with a pentagon of glass at the top out of which you can observe the night sky and the day-time clouds. Walls are built of clay, straw and upright poles to support the walls. Generous windows offer beautiful views, and there are stable doors to extend the flow between inside and outside. The roofs of these units are also covered with succulents, ensuring that the rooms are warm in winter and cool in summer. The rooms are small – some single and some double – to enhance the sense of simplicity which lends itself to the overall intention at Towerland: to experience oneself and nature in an ongoing interdependent dance. Rooms are simply yet tastefully furnished; all this contributing towards simple, comfortable spaces. There are rooms available for single, double and twin accommodation and when all rooms are fully occupied the ‘village’ can comfortably house 20 people.

The accommodation units have been situated in relation to one another to form a relationship of separateness and yet well-defined interconnectedness. A garden of indigenous fynbos, shrubs and trees has been planted in the centre of the ‘village’, to create a common meeting space for people to spend time together if they wish, or just to sit and enjoy the beauty in a contained and protected space.






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