Facilities at Towerland Wilderness


 facilities-4There is a central ablution block for the ‘village’ comprising four shower units and two toilets. Showering at Towerland is a unique experience as showers face out onto the surrounding mountains and it is possible to open the door to the outside, allowing for an inside-outside shower. The building is designed in such a way as to allow maximum privacy to make this experience possible.

Workshop equipment


 It is recommended that you bring your own stationery, and other conferencing equipment you may need. However you are also most welcome to request these from the Towerland team at a small additional cost. Please ensure that you make your stationery and conferencing equipment needs known to us when booking as well as confirming this at least 14 days before your anticipated arrival.

Electrical equipment

Electricity at Towerland is provided by a solar panel for charging cell phones and laptops.
Laundry services
A laundry service is available. This laundry service is an income-generating project for a small enterprise in the nearby village of Herbertsdale and is not included in the price of your stay.
If you have any questions regarding any of the above, please do feel welcome to contact us for further information.


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