Turning to our Roots

Retreat, Reconnect and Re-source

22 - 26 May 2019


An exploration through nature constellations and dance into our connection with land and ancestry

This Retreat is an opportunity for you to explore – through constellations and dance, and an immersion in the wild – our connection with land and ancestry; to enter a pristine wilderness area and live in a way that treads lightly on the planet. READ FULL INVITATION HERE.

August 2019
It is with much pleasure that this event is once again being offered at Towerland.


Offered for three consecutive years from 2013, this popular and richly generative programme was put on hold due to the expansion of our work in different parts of the world. But, once again, we feel that time dedicated to writing is an increasingly important and necessary way of engaging with our current (global) context. If a similar sense of necessity is living in you, we invite you to join us.

Whether wanting time to reflect on where you have come from, or to discover what is calling that may not yet be in view; whether you are looking to be inspired, or hoping to rediscover yourself; whether you have a particular writing project that needs your focused attention, or whether you are an aspirant writer needing support to stake a claim to your writing, you are welcome.


The Towerland Wilderness hosts various initiatives, workshops and courses each year and we hope that you will join us for at least one of these this year. Should you wish to be kept informed of new offerings please contact us.

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