A Sense of Place

Towerland is a mountain wilderness situated in the Langeberg Mountains of the southern Cape, South Africa. It is a refuge for pristine mountain fynbos (the most diverse floral kingdom in the world), and contains hillsides and ravines and imposing mountain peaks, a generous river and meandering streams, countless walks, infinite views, and the abundant wildlife of the Cape Floral Kingdom. We have created/are creating a space where people can meet together – and meet themselves – in a wilderness context where, through intimate proximity to the living forces of nature, real meeting can take place, real conversations can be held, and new thinking and practice, appropriate to our collective future, can be nurtured.

A very delicate balance needs to be held so that the wilderness is not intruded upon or unduly tamed, yet at the same time becomes accessible in a way that does not constrain its intrinsic wildness, its timeless and evolving essence. We are going about this development as organically as possible. Buildings are simple and aesthetic, constructed of clay, stone and wood with succulent roofs, in a format which encourages both community and solitude. Water is gravity-fed from stream and spring, and there is no electricity; the elements of nature are experienced in their grace and power. The space is basic, relaxed and exquisite.