The Labyrinth

We have constructed a labyrinth at Towerland. Its location offers very different views as we walk its labyrinthine paths – cultivated farmlands, far-off hills, rugged mountains, a small forest, a vast sky. It is the same design and proportions as the labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral. Walking the labyrinth – meandering through the four quadrants – supports a way of becoming fully present to ourselves in each moment. Walking the labyrinth is a discovery of silence and meaning in each step, and a metaphor for our lives. It is an experience of the turns that take us inside and outside, that are unpredictable and unknown, and that characterise our lives. It is a preparation for life, and an immersion, symbolised through the design. Oscillating between centre and periphery, it is pilgrimage to ourselves, enabling us to become more attuned to ourselves in the moment, more present to where we are currently, able to experience more fully that the path is the way, and each step is the path.