wildness ... where inner and outer meet
spaces ... journeying through worlds
people ... finding the other, finding themselves

An integrity of vision

Towerland, in the Langeberg mountains in the southern Cape, South Africa, is a wilderness retreat which enables the living flow of nature to be present in all aspects of life. From the accommodation to the meeting spaces to the mountains and rivers, the abundant presence of wilderness enters into and touches our thinking and our feeling, our sensibility for life. We have taken care of every detail at Towerland to strengthen the relationship between the (outer) world of nature and our inner world, so that whatever we are doing at Towerland, those activities are strengthened in the profuse presence of nature. When we slow down and connect with the rhythms of nature, our activities and our thinking become more rhythmic, more enlivened, more whole.

This is the space – inner and outer – that Towerland offers. It is a place for open conversation, between ourselves who are there, between ourselves and our world, and within ourselves. It is a place of coherence, and a reaching beyond.